The Broadway Melody

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The Broadway Melody


  • May: The Academy Awards are first presented in Hollywood
  • July: The Geneva Convention addresses the treatment of prisoners of war
  • October: The Wall Street crash wipes more than $30 billion from shares over the course of three days


The film originally featured an inserted Technicolor sequence which is now preserved only in black and white except for a short fragment from the beginning of the sequence.


The Broadway Melody is quite possibly the worst musical film I’ve ever seen. It’s more or less entirely lacking in plot and, even more strangely, doesn’t really have many songs in it. The only explanation I can come up with for its victory is that the audiences of 1929 were so taken with the fact that they could actually here the songs that they didn’t notice how appallingly poor the film was. Avoid at all costs if you don’t want nearly two hours of your life to be completely wasted.

Rating: 1/10


Yes this is one of the earliest winners so 2/10 may seem harsh, but this is an uninteresting film that completely failed to grab my attention. Even the female Vaudeville Act at the heart of the film seemed very amateurish and budget. A film best avoided.

Rating: 2/10

Combined rating: 1.5/10

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